MT Alliance® is a Windows® based software platform that allows integration of third party companies specializing in every area (see applications scope) of supermarket controls.

"Supermarket Control must be viewed in a new way... Open Systems."

supermarket on one network

... ONE set of nodes working together

... ONE network of wiring

... ONE PC control interface

... ONE very flexible, powerful, expandable system, offering you the BEST of the BEST

Because it's Open & Interoperable

By integrating third party companies utilizing industry standard LonWorks technology (see Contact - Under the Hood) onto the MT Alliance® platform, users receive many benefits of Interoperability. Never before have different automation and control systems been able to share data and jointly control actions. Major benefits include:
  • Reduced System Hardware Cost
    Interoperability eliminates the need to buy every input board, output board, sensor, and processor board from a single vendor. Customers can now shop among multiple hardware manufacturers for the best value and know that all units work together in a fully integrated system.

  • Extended Life Cycle of the Current Control/Monitoring System
    For years, chains have been forced to modify functional control systems (or install new systems in their place) when remodelling stores. Why? Because the control vendor did not make their new products compatible with the store's original one. Interoperability increases the life cycle of the existing controller by allowing third party devices into the system. Original hardware is not changed. This significantly reduces controller costs associated with renovating stores.

  • Increased Engineering Resources/Experts
    New government regulations in food safety, deregulation of the utility industry, and more sophisticated mechanical systems means it is unlikely that a single company can offer superior capabilities in all functional areas. By choosing MT Alliance®, customers gain access to products manufactured by experts in specific businesses.

  • The Ability to Specify the Best Product for the Application
    MT Alliance® offers the customer more selection. Assume a user prefers one control system manufacturer's method of refrigeration control but another manufacturer's method of HVAC control. Until now, users were forced to select one manufacturer over the other. Users had to forego the benefits of the unselected vendor's product and accept second rate control of a critical application. By specifying interoperable devices, users can choose products that best fit each application while maintaining the benefits of an intergrated system.

  • MT Alliance® is Easy to Use: Reduced Training Costs
    MT Alliance® brings all of your supermarket applications into a common front end. No longer must a customer be trained on multiple software products. Users now access security, food safety, the store's HVAC and refrigeration systems, and any other controller/monitor on the network via the SAME software interface.

  • MT Alliance® is Expandable: Entry-Level Investment that Fits You
    With MT Alliance®, buy only the applications you require. As needs arise, it is easy and economical to increase the application scope of the software platform.

  • Reduced Installation Costs
    With MT Alliance®, system installation is quick and inexpensive. 'Peer-to-peer' network configuration greatly reduces wiring and labor costs by eliminating networks for refrigeration, HVAC, lighting, security, or temperature monitoring.

  • Longevity of the MT Alliance® System
    The chip-level protocol at the ground level of MT Alliance® compatible products is an open, interoperable standard that is already being used and supported by over 3,500 companies worldwide. It will not soon or easily be made obsolete.

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